World Debut: Palm Beach 70

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The Palm Beach 70 leads an 8-model line that starts at <a href="">42 feet LOA</a>.’ height=”853″ src=”” width=”1280″></p>
<caption>The Palm Beach 70 leads an 8-model line that starts at <a href="">42 feet LOA</a>. (Courtesy Palm Beach Motoryachts/)</caption>
<p><a href="">Palm Beach Motor Yachts</a> has scheduled the world premiere of its new flagship, the <a href="">Palm Beach 70</a>, at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.</p>
<p>The Palm Beach 70 is a flybridge design with three staterooms. There’s a foredeck cockpit that Palm Beach calls a “bowrider,” for guest relaxation similar to that aboard commuter yachts.</p>
<p>Top speed is expected to be 38 knots with a 32-knot cruise speed. Standard power is a pair of Volvo Penta IPS1350s. Draft is 4 feet 3 inches, allowing for shallow-water cruising.</p>
<p><strong>Are optional engines available?</strong> Yes. Hull No. 1 is being outfitted with optional 1,000-horsepower Volvo Penta D13s. According to Palm Beach, those engines provide a 24-knot cruise speed and a range of 793 nautical miles at “fast cruise.”</p>
<p><strong>For more information, visit:</strong> <a href=""></a></p>
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